Basia and Lynn are exploring ‘light’ as material and pictorial symbolism.

Basia explores the qualities of light and shadow as transparent ink and low relief embossing on paper, translucent etched glass and reflective stainless steel using hand cut stencils and digital cutting technology.

Basia's imagery is influenced by the Polish folk art tradition of paper-cut design.
Decorative motifs from everyday life and interests are depicted in lyrical compositions.
Flying women, men, birds and animals weave in and out of dream like narratives that reference history, myths and legends presented in a flattened pictorial space.



My workspace, Lighthouse Studio, is anchored at Portobello on the rim of Dunedin’s Harbour. Here I make prints in a variety of ways including etched zinc and gesso on board, however my primary modality is utilising light sensitive materials, especially photopolymer plate and photostencils.

I am attracted to old blueprints and maps that have lain quietly, folded and fading till now, when the spotlight is on them again. I draw most of my map and blueprint imagery on the computer: scanning, scaling, fixing up damage, stitching documents together, adjusting contrast, inverting and rearranging layouts. Making these into prints illuminates the past and makes memories visible. I could not build an actual lighthouse or navigate a map through the sea but I like the potential for the plans to build something different. Through a fluid processes of overprinting and bringing fragments together new narratives are written and breath is given to undercurrents that were left untold.

I also like to locate my maps through printing of materials that have been sourced near the site, like nails or rusted metal scraps. This recreates a sense of transferring patinas which is not unlike weathering and aging and breaks the rules of traditional printmaking where rusting, known as foxing, is the enemy of paper. Shell buttons, stitch, textures, the tactic are all part of my process of intuitively navigating my own voyage of loss and renewal.


Printmaking Demonstration

Lynn and Basia will present a Solar Plate relief and embossing printmaking demonstration on Saturday 15 August 1.00 - 3.00pm. This is a free event.

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Basia Smolnicki, Lynn Taylor
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12 August - 12 September
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